GB Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Version[ Updated Features]

If you are on this site it is because you want to know this great feat as it is: Download GBWhatsapp. This is a new Whatsapp Mods (Whatsapp Modification) that will give you endless opportunities to be very original.

gb whatsapp apk

GB WhatsApp | 53MB

ApplicationGB WhatsApp
VersionLatest version
RequirementsAndroid 5.1+
Root RequirementNo Root
Last Update2022/11/05
Total Downloads9,000,000+

If you want to immerse yourself in information about this new WhatsApp Plus, you’ve come to the right place! In what you will read below you will find everything you need to know about this application. We will teach you from its installation to the unimaginable uses it has.

Install and Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version

  • First, Download the GBWhatsapp APK app on your Android phone or tablet. Before doing so, make a backup copy so that later you can recover all your information.
  • On your Smartphone go to Settings > Security and Activate Known Sources, this is to allow you to install applications that were not downloaded from the Play Store.
  • Accept the Security Message that appears below and with that, you will be ready to Install GBWhatsApp
  • Install the app which can take from 15 seconds to a minute and open it in the downloads folder.
  • Open GBWhatsapp and click on ACCEPT AND CONTINUE. If you see a message, allow the app access and continue.
  • Enter and verify your phone number on GBWhatsapp. In this step, you must wait a few minutes for the message with the respective code to arrive.
  • If you made your backup, now proceed to restore it so that you can recover your conversations and groups.
  • Enter your profile picture and your name.
  • Add your status (Available, Busy, In Meeting) and you can start fully customizing your Whatsapp.

Download GB WhatsApp For Other Devices

Above I have placed the steps to Download GBWhatsApp on Android, if your device uses another operating system YOU CAN ALSO DO IT:

Requirements to Install GBWhatsApp for Android

The requirements you need are very simple, you need:

  • An Android 4.0 or higher phone.
  • Phone number.
  • Available space of 34.46 MB.
  • An Android mobile that can receive SMS or calls during the verification process.
  • You must have a stable internet connection.
  • Tablet devices must be supported.
  • Access your device location.
  • Access to Wifi, Bluetooth, Mike, Camera, and NFC.
  • You will use Maps services.
  • Modify the audio settings.
  • It has access to your contacts and SMS.
  • Get accounts.
  • Write contacts.

From now on you will know each of the differences it has with the WhatsApp that you are used to using and we will answer those interesting questions that you have asked yourself such as: Will it damage my phone? Can I spy? Can I put phrases of more characters in my statement? , here you will find out how true and reliable this app is.

What Is GBWhatsApp?

gbwhatsapp apk

This is a new version, in fact, one of the most updated versions of WhatsApp and Whatsapp Plus. An excellent option if you like what is totally innovative, original, and unique.

This application has the same abilities as the basic WhatsApp that we all know, however, it also has many other added features that may interest you.

In the last update that has been made you have many options to improve your privacy 10 times more. Its improvements also have to do with increasing the number of characters in the status, sending videos and larger images, you can share electronic books, and setting passwords in specific chats. And believe me, what we have told you, it is not the best of the application, below you will find more of this new alternative.

Your friends will get a big surprise when you can see their deleted messages or when you can see the ticks (better known as popcorn) of their messages even if they have deactivated them. Users who have decided on this version have been very satisfied. Will you be part of that group?

gb whatsapp apk
gb whatsapp apk
gb whatsapp apk

In case you want to update GBWhatsapp, follow these steps:

  1. First:  You must first make a backup of your conversations if you want to keep them for later restoration.
  2. Second: In the Android Settings menu and from the application manager, uninstall GBWhatsApp.
  3. Third: Download the new version, in the APK file.
  4. Fourth: Once downloaded, open it just like when you installed the previous one, from the folder you have configured to save the downloads.
  5. Fifth: Click on it and follow the steps for its installation. Once finished you can delete the APK to save space.
  6. Finally: Re-register the phone number and restore your chat conversations.

As you may have noticed, the download is the same as the one we mentioned above and it is necessary to be attentive to the updates since they will not be done automatically as the applications that are downloaded directly from Google Play do. You will have to follow these steps every time something changes in GBWhatsapp.

GB WhatsApp APK: Latest Version Features

The latest version of GB Whatsapp 2022 came with very good updates and several of them have to do with privacy. What do we mean by this? Well look at all you can do:

  • You can use your Whatsapp freely so that people do not find out that you are online.
  • You can hide the “Writing” from your contacts and groups.
  • If you are recording a voice they will not be able to see it.
  •  The app’s own pop-ups and ads have been removed.
  •  The blue microphone will not be visible.
  • If you have seen the status of one of your contacts they will not have to know.
  • As for documents, they can be PDF, TXT, or up to 50 MB in size.
  • Videos with better quality and speed.
  • Send videos (1 minute with 20 seconds) and images of 50MB.
  • Your audio and songs can be 50MB.
  • When sending an image you can change the limit of its quality.
  • Your location will be much easier to send.
  • You will have the opportunity to personalize your WhatsApp with the theme of your choice.
  • You can download the images that your contacts place in the status.
  • If you have messages to send and you’re afraid of forgetting them, on GBWhatsapp you can schedule them at the time and day you want.
  • You will easily be able to access the first message of any conversation.
  • You have the option to broadcast a message to different groups.
  • You can change the color of the microphone button.
  • Color selection of the text in which you write.
  • History of revoked messages.
  • You can exclude groups or contacts from an automatic response.
  • You can have the status of your contact in the header or hide it.
  • Your group name can be 35 characters long.
  • Messages that have been deleted can be read.
  • You can choose the size of the emojis.
  • It is enabled to select the chats on the main screen.
  • Revoke multiple messages at once.
  • You choose the color of the star in the chats.
  • Fixed web search.
  • You change the visibility of the specific means of contact in the gallery.
  • A locked voice recording is available.
  • Added mention option in groups.
  • Video call function enabled.
  • They will make calls to numbers that you do not have added.
  • Fixed errors when sending videos.
  •  You will copy the status of other people in just one click.
  • You can customize your WhatsApp icon and change the style of the ticks.
  • Broadcast messages of up to 600 people at a time and not 250 as it was usual.
  • Remove the blue ticks, but without us stopping seeing them.
  • Much More valuable feature

How To Have Two WhatsApp With GBWhatsApp

To do this you need two phone numbers to enter into each of your accounts. If you don’t have a new number, very easy! you can use disposable numbers or numbers from family members who don’t have an Android device. What can happen if you enter the same number in both WhatsApp is that one of the two accounts will be closed. It is possible to have up to 5 WhatsApp accounts, but you must have 5 different numbers, of course.

What are you going to do to have several WhatsApp active? The next:

  • After you download GBWhatsapp you are going to enter the additional number that you have obtained and verify it with the message that will arrive.
  • Download Whatsapp and verify your number, register and that’s it.
  • You can go ahead and keep downloading Whatsapp Plus or any other Whatsapp Mods.
  • So now you know how the whole process is, it only requires different phone numbers, nothing complicated, right?

Some Common Questions About GB WhatsApp

I know that by now you must have a lot of questions regarding this application. And we understand you, it is normal to doubt these new versions if we do not know their origin and it is much more valid to doubt if they are not on our trusted Google Play platform. Don’t worry, we will also be detailed and honest with that information.

Is GBWhatsApp Reliable?

This is a very good question that we are sure you have asked yourself. How much can we trust this app? On the official page, it guarantees us that it will not bring us any type of damage. But how true is this? On the San José del Valle website they have made an article about the security that there is or is not in using GBWhatsapp. They conclude the article by giving a Maybe  and the reason is the following (we will quote some texts):

“You have to ask if its use is safe. For this, we have to have a clear idea of ​​how GB WhatsApp provides all these features to know if it is safe. This app is basically a modified app that is based on the features of the original app with some added code.

The official app has something called WhatsApp core inside of it. This is like the heart of the app and it contains all the special features of WhatsApp like encryption. If someone stuffs that kernel into your modified app, then WhatsApp will know about it and take protective measures.

GB WhatsApp is careful enough not to mess with the core. What they do is alter your unprotected style files to give you some of the design features mentioned above. However, for some of those features, you have to alter some code outside of the core that is not style files.

The way how they do it is to alter things that are already stored on your phone and trick the official WhatsApp server that manages the sending of messages and files. For example, the number of images that can be sent is controlled on the phone and not on the app server to allow the server to focus on important tasks like encryption.”

The answer on this page, as you can conclude, is quite valid since they explain in detail what this application does when it is downloaded to our device. But in spite of everything, it qualifies with a “Maybe”  that we can assume is 70%, since, if the users are not being blocked, it means that they are not violating the official WhatsApp core.

On the other hand, if your specific question is, is it legal? No, it isn’t, just like the other Mods. In fact, there was a time when WhatsApp was banned (prohibited user access) since by making these downloads they violated the intellectual property of the creators. But in the following updates, they were placing anti-ban systems, and thanks to the dominant position that the creators were acquiring, they did not make more demands on this alternative Application.

The only legal ones right now are WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, which is a Mod only for business.

GBWhatsApp vs WhatsApp: Which One is Better?

The main differences that exist in these new versions are the possibility of completely changing the appearance of the application and also those excellent privacy options. The most relevant differences in these are:

FeaturesGB WhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
Auto Reply✅❌
Bulk Message Sender✅❌
DND Mod✅❌
Hide Online Status✅❌
Custom Font Change✅❌
Group Member Limit✅❌
Fixed Web Search✅❌
Size Of Emoji✅❌
Customize WhatsApp icon✅❌
Motion Option✅❌

Some New Features On GB WhatsApp:

  • You can send 30 photos, in GB 100.
  • You file the contacts, and in GB you can block them.
  • You have only one theme, in GB you change the color, size, and location of everything you want. In addition to its wide variety of topics.
  • You can not lock WhatsApp unless you install another application, in GB the lock is included.
  • A double tick will always appear (in gray or blue), in Gb a single tick will appear in gray.
  • You call only to add phone numbers, in Gb you call anyone even if they are not registered.
  • You can not have a second account while in GB you can do it without problems.
  • You will have 100% security since it is approved by Google, which is why it is in the Play Store, GB you will not find it on this site.

You choose which one is better, but of course, when we talk about customization GBWhatsapp is much better. However, it must be admitted that WhatsApp continues to make very good updates almost monthly.

GB Whatsapp vs Gb WhatsApp Pro: Which One is Better?

Gb Whatsapp pro is an advanced version of GB Whatsapp. With the passage of time, all application updates add some extra features to engage users and gain more attention that’s why GB WhatsApp add some extra features and launched GB WhatsApp pro. Many new features added to GB WhatsApp we collect some of these:

  • Do Not Disturb Mod feature ( For Alert and incoming calls and notifications)
  • Calls Disable feature ( automatically disable calls )
  • Increased file sending limit up to 1GB
  • Unlimited Forward chating
  • Increased status length up to 255
  • Auto-reply ( Amazing features for Business )
  • You can send Bulk Massages
  • Custom Font ( you can add your favorite Font style )
  • Advanced Security Lock ( For privacy concerns)
  • You can Select your favorite icon
  • Updated Themes

GBWhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus: Which is Better?

Yes, there are many versions of WhatsApp at this time, but they all have different features. In this article, we do not make sure that you have a list of the most popular versions so that you can easily compare and choose the best option. In what characteristics does one differ from the other? Well, see for yourself, here are the WhatsApp Plus updates:

  • You have more than 400 new emojis (apart from the already-known ones).
  • You can remove the profile photos of your contacts.
  • You can send high-quality photos and audio without WhatsApp plus retouching them.
  • You can freeze the time of your last connection.
  • It has more than 700 themes and visual styles.
  • When you enter a group and see the contacts you will be able to see who is online and who is not.
  • You can hide the double-check.
  • It supports calls but not video calls so far.
  • Message ticks are customizable, just like GBWhatsapp.
  • You will see the online status or last time of your contacts.
  • Your status can be longer than 250 characters.
  • You can zoom in on profile photos.
  • You can only submit 90 images.
  • Hide the time and date of messages when you go to copy them.
  • It supports all these types of files: pdf, Xls, txt, doc, ppt, Vcard, Xlsx, txt, RTF, Docx, Pptx, and zip.

GBWhatsApp vs YoWhatsApp: Which One Is Better?

There are other alternatives to “improve” your application, such as YoWhatsapp, which is also constantly being updated, so you won’t have any problems with it freezing over time. This one has quite favorable features but… is it as good an option as GBWhatsapp? We will leave that to your discretion, then the advantages of YoWhatsapp:

  • Lock chat with different options: PIN/Fingerprint/Pattern.
  • Automatic translation of conversations, including Russian, English, Arabic, and Turkish.
  • The chats can be saved in a separate file.
  • In the stories, you can record 5 minutes instead of 30 or 45 seconds.
  • Do you have custom themes or existing themes such as Twitter, Facebook, or Google?
  • You can choose the emojis that you like the most: From Facebook, Android Oreo, or Nougat.
  • Photos outside the chat in the form of bubbles.
  • The contact name will not take the same font.
  • New text fonts to customize the interface.
  • Choose who can call you and who can’t and also who can see the status of your connection.
  • You can make group calls.
  • Both GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp allow you to use two accounts with two different phone numbers at the same time without having to change your SIM card.

Can I have GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp at the same time?

You don’t need to uninstall Whatsapp to have GBWhatsapp. You can have both if you have the option in your phone of a double SIM card since in this way you will be able to enter different numbers for each version. Now if this is not the case, don’t worry! Because you can add disposable numbers or those found on other non-Android phones.

Can I Have a Password For GBWhatsApp?

Of course. In this version, you can put a log in password and you can also put a password on your contacts. In this way, anyone who wants to enter your WhatsApp or read any of your conversations will have to know the password you have chosen.

Do you want to know how to do it? Just follow these simple steps.

To block a specific conversation, click on the upper right part in which you have several options, among them it says Lock Chat, press there, enter your password and you will be ready. To revoke this action, follow the same steps, only now after entering the chat lock you will click where it says Disable passcode.

If you want to block WhatsApp in general, just go to the main entrance of GBWhatsapp and then click on the upper right side where you will find a menu; select “More settings” and look for option number 7 (Block) there, place your password there and you will be ready.

Can I Spy with GBWhatsApp?

This is a striking point that we know you wanted to get to. You were tired of not being able to see the last connection of your contacts, we know it. Now here you can see their last connection even if they have that option disabled.

This video is the explanation step by step to be able to spy through your GBWhatsapp. Yes, you will be able to find out who leaves you talking to yourself from one moment to another, without any explanation.

Whatsapp added an update in which others can delete the messages they have sent to you if you have not yet read them. In GBWhatsapp you will not be left with the curiosity to know what they will have written. because you will have a list of all revoked messages.

How to Hide Contacts with GBWhatsApp

On many occasions, there are curious people who want to over-register our phones and in some cases, it can become uncomfortable if you have a very private conversation. Well, here you can also solve that.

In the main entrance of your GBWhatsapp where the contacts are located, select the person you want to hide. After this, access the upper right part (where the three points are) and click on the hide option. After this, you must enter your password and it will be hidden.

How to go to that conversation? Well, you will have to press the place where it says WhatsApp (above the camera),  unlock it, and it is done. It’s that simple.

How Many Characters Can We Use In the Status Of GBWhatsApp

The WhatsApp status is the one that appears when you enter the contact’s profile; most of the time it is available, busy, in the gym, or in other cases (quite common) it is with a different phrase every day. The maximum number of characters that you can use in GBWhatsapp, in this area, is 250, while WhatsApp only has 139 characters.

How many images can I pass at the same time?

Everything becomes a problem when sending photos to your friends because there are too many and sending 30 by 30 is not very “comfortable”. In basic Whatsapp you can only send 30 photos at the same time, but what do you think? Now you will have the ability to send 100 at the same time with GBWhatsapp.

And the best thing about this is that the quality of your photo does not matter. If it is taken from a professional GBWhatsappp camera, the quality will not be lowered, it will be maintained.

Who is the founder of Gb Whatsapp Apk?

The founder of GB WhatsApp is Atnfas Hoak [Omar]. this Whatsapp is specially designed to provide more pro features for the user like hiding the last seen, improved privacy, group names up to 32 characters, adding many double accounts on the same device, sending bulk messages, auto-reply, and many more features.

Before finishing, we want you to have some opinions from the editors of a page where downloads of different applications are made that are not in the Play Store, “Malavida”. They have decided to give their opinions regarding GB. So let’s quote some of them:

“The use of GBWhatsApp has an advantage that prevails over the others: being able to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time. This allows, for example, to separate private life from professional life without having to carry two terminals, which is already a lot. In addition, it allows for the improvement of the privacy of the user, which never hurts. However, personally, I prefer to use official builds for all my apps.”

Lory Guilloux

Apart from the little niggles that this MOD offers, I usually use GBWhatsApp to be able to carry two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. Thus, with a Dual SIM smartphone, I forget about having to carry a personal and work mobile with me: I link my number to the official WhatsApp and the company number to GBWhatsApp. Very comfortable, since I don’t have to constantly switch sessions to consult one app or the other, and it allows me to send and receive messages from two very different types of contacts.

Anthony Peel

Using two different phones on two different WhatsApp is something I recommend to everyone, especially those who don’t want to mix contacts.

Hector Hernandez

These are the main  Advantages of using the Gb Whatsapp app, so you can assess for yourself if it’s worth using this WhatsApp MOD or continuing with the official chat and messaging app:

Complete customization: Unlike the official WhatsApp Messenger, GBWhatsApp allows us to fully customize the interface. It is possible to download themes created by other users or modify colors and icons, all from the settings menu.

Freeze the connection time: it is possible to control aspects of privacy such as the connection time, being able to freeze it so that no one knows if we have been connected after the last indicated time. It also allows you to be connected without us appearing online or to choose whether to hide it in general or only for a specific group or contact.

And These its Drawbacks, that everything is not going to be good:

The potential danger of being sanctioned: this is a difference to take into account since it has happened in the past (in 2015 specifically) and although WhatsApp has relaxed its policy regarding those who use MODs, it should not be ruled out that it will again penalize those users who download them to their phones.

End of automatic updates: Another drawback is that GBWhatsApp does not update automatically, but you have to watch for the next version to come out in order to download it.”

As we already said, now there are many alternative applications to WhatsApp and it is up to us to see which one suits us best. You must take into account that most of these are always in constant update, we calculate that they do it more or less once a month. This means that you will not miss anything thanks to its constant renewal.

Some GB WhatsApp Alternatives Are :

  • YO WhatsApp
  • FM WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Plus.
  • WhatsApp Go.
  • WhatsApp Aero
  • OG WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Prime

So far in GBWhatsapp, there are a variety of people who claim that it is much better than the original WhatsApp since, as you have seen above, it offers functions and improvements that you will not find in the original WhatsApp application.

We will also leave you this information in case you need it.

In the case of wanting to uninstall this app for one reason or another, you just have to do this:

Make your respective backup so as not to lose the conversations held in the application. To do this, go to the Settings menu of the application and make the backup from the option to make backup copies, that way you can recover them if you later install Official WhatsApp Messenger or some other Mod.

Now you must go to the menu of your phone and uninstall the application.

Find the GBWhatsApp app in your phone downloads, click on it and delete the download.

With this, we finish and we hope to have clarified all your doubts about this whole topic.

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